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Signet ring and pinky ring

What is Signet and Pinky Ring?


What is Signet Ring? 

       A signet ring is a type of ring typically worn on the Middle finger, which is usually heavier and thicker in structure. Throughout history, signet rings have been commonly used by aristocrats, nobles, or powerful individuals. These rings often feature a special mark such as a family crest, symbol, or personal signature. Historically, signet rings served as a serious signature or seal and were used as an official indication of documents or letters being formally endorsed.

What is Pinky Ring?

       On the other hand, a pinky ring gets its name from the word "pinky," which refers to the little finger in English. A pinky ring is a type of ring typically worn by men on their little finger. The usage of this ring can be based on fashion or personal preferences, and its symbolic meaning can vary. For some individuals, a pinky ring may be a symbol of status or power, while for others, it may simply be an accessory. Nowadays, pinky rings can be found in various styles and designs, catering to personal tastes and preferences.

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